onze ecolabels

An ecolabel is a quality mark that is awarded to products or services that are less harmful to the environment than qualitatively comparable products or services, based on a number of predetermined criteria. People often speak of an ‘environmentally friendly’ or ‘green’ product.

partner eco-labels

The eco-labels with which we collaborate are certification bodies with recognizable logos that help consumers make sustainable choices. These labels are supplied by organizations that identify products or services that meet sustainable standards. It is not always clear what an eco-label means and there are many different standards with different levels of quality control throughout the world.

The demand for sustainable products and services has increased enormously in recent years and continues to grow. As a result, claims to green products have also become more popular. Unfortunately, these claims are not always used correctly. Companies sometimes use green claims and eco-labels to create the perception that their products and services are environmentally friendly.

how do we guarantee the quality of the eco-labels?

It is important to know which ecolabels you can trust and which you cannot. We apply three strict criteria for the eco-labels that we work with. Of all our labels, their standard public is available, the accommodations are checked by impartial third parties and they are independent on-site audits. In addition, each label includes the ecological, social, cultural and economic impact of the products and services and is also verified for this. At bookdifferent.com we only work with these types of labels, so we can assure our bookers that our hotels are truly sustainable. That is why we only work with 22 eco-certification bodies out of a total of 200 labels that are available in the travel sector. All hotels that are certified through one of our partners can be recognized by thestaygreen check logo.

how do we keep the data up-to-date?

Via our partner ecolabels we receive updates from their members every 3 months, we import these into our database and we match our complete range of accommodation. Our objective is to expand the number of certified hotels in our offer and to connect even more labels on condition that they meet the criteria set by bookdifferent.com.

Austrian Ecolabel
Biosphere Responsible Tourism
ECO certification Malta
Ecotourism Australia
EU Ecolabel
Fair Trade Tourism
Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
Great Green Deal
Green Globe
Green Key
Green Key Global
Green Tourism
Hoteles más Verdes
Luxembourg EcoLabel
Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Ibex fairstay
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