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Sustainable destination Costa Rica!


Visit the breeding ground of sea turtles, take a zipline and fly above the rainforest and maybe even spot a leopard! Costa Rica; a stunning green country consisting of jungles, mystical forests, volcanoes and white beaches. Costa Rica is a top 100 sustainable destination by Green Destinations. Let’s find out why!

Costa Rica is committed to being a sustainable country; it produces nearly 93% of its electricity from renewable resources! Due to its diverse topography and complex cultural mosaic, Costa Rica has become a model for environmentally friendly practices and sustainability of ecotourism. Together with the locals, who are more aware of the long-term benefits of ecotourism, revenues went up, enabling them to support themselves even better. 

Puerto Viejo de Talemanca is located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast and has a vibe unlike the rest of the country. It’s a popular place for backpackers wanting to party, or a getaway for travelers looking for unspoiled beaches to explore. It also makes a great stop before crossing the border to Panama’s gorgeous Bocas del Toro archipelago. Although Costa Rica is arguably the most Westernized country in Central America, there is still a beautiful and rich culture to experience. While visiting Puerto Viejo, take a break from the beaches for one day and learn about the Bribri, an indigenous group that calls this region home.

Make sure you visit the Watsi Bribri community and discover an ecotourism project that is entirely developed and managed by Indigenous Bribri women! Or book a kayak tour and peddle through the dense jungle. Book your accommodation to this stunning country at


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