The Jurys Inns in Belfast, North Ireland, the city the Titanic has been built

Culture, history and super-friendly people are what Belfast is all about. Visit here and you’ll experience a place unlike any other in Europe. This is a city that can trace its history back to the Bronze Age; a city that built Titanic; a city forging a unique food scene; and a city that dances to its own beat.

After a long day of exploring the mystical beauties of Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, it’s time for some relaxation in the nearest city. Belfast is only 30 kilometers away and therefore the perfect location to stay at when visiting the lake! We have selected eco certified Jurys Inn Belfast for you as your perfect sustainable stay.

The Jurys inn Belfast is situated right in the heart of the city and therefor offers a lot to discover the area! As the Jurys Inns (yes, the whole hotel group) are eco certified by Green Tourism they do work on a sustainable future. They have reduced their CO2 emissions by 20 % since 2009, they also reduced their water consumption to 250 liters per room by 2017. They are making great steps towards their sustainable future. Now over to the city of Belfast!

Belfast is in many ways a brand-new city. Once shunned by travelers unnerved by tales of the Troubles and sectarian violence, in recent years it has pulled off a remarkable transformation from bombs-and-bullets pariah to a hip-hotels-and-hedonism party town. New venues keep popping up – already this decade historic Crumlin Road Gaol and SS Nomadic opened to the public. They all add to a list of attractions that includes beautifully restored Victorian architecture, a glittering waterfront lined with modern art, a fantastic and fast-expanding foodie scene and music-filled pubs.

This sounds like a great combination of discover the beauties of the surrounding areas but also the rediscovering of a great city that’s climbing to the top! Make sure you book your sustainable stay this great and eco-certified city hotel at here


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