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Sustainable West Bali National Park, Bali!


Do you know God’s Secret Courtyard? Well, we didn’t know it either but now we do and we are really excited to tell you all about it! Walk around in a wonderful world full of strange and rare fauna and flora at Plataran L’Harmonie, West Bali National Park. This little paradise is a green top 100 destination by our partner Green Destinations!

Plataran L’Harmonie is a nature-based sustainable ecotourism destination located in West Bali Barat National Park at Bali Indonesia. The park is dedicated to protect its nature, wildlife and landscape. To preserve it, they have initiated numerous nature conservation programs and offer environmental education. The park is also strongly dedicated to support the locals inhabitants of the park. Green destinations top 100 winner Plataran L’Harmonie works with the local population to stimulate the community development!

A good example of this development is the Bokashi Fertilizer Production program that produces an organic fertilizer from horse manure which is provided free of charge to local farmers to prevent chemical contamination of the soil. Another great example is the Love Nature Education Program that provides environmental education to seven elementary schools around the West Bali Barat National Park to teach the new generation how important it is to perserve nature for their own future. Sustainability is not only about environmental issues but also takes into account social aspects. Eco-tourist destination Plataran L’Harmonie and the national park have created jobs by giving priority to the inhabitants of the village of Pejarakan to work in the national park.

The park offers a lot of activities and opportunities for you to participate in. Go to the Scientific Educations and Research Centre (SERC) and learn and share knowledge on the preservation of biodiversity, community development sustainability. The park offers many activities and opportunities to participate. Go to the Scientific Education and Research Center (SERC) and learn and share knowledge about the conservation of biodiversity and sustainability of community development. If you are more interested in something fun in nature, go for a dive at the Menjangan; one of the most undiscovered and beautiful dive sites in the world!

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