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Sustainable Watermark Beach Resort, in Osoyoos, Canada


Yesyesyes, it’s time again to talk about our favorite subject, our ecolabel partners and their fantastic accommodations! Today we love to talk with you about our esteemed partner Green Key Global! Green Key Global is an international environmental certification body that offers standardized programs and resources, designed specifically for the hotel industry and lodging or meeting venues. Leverage organizational corporate social responsibility activities and support sustainable initiatives across your properties and brands to increase occupancy, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint. Okay, I say this every time, but let’s make it more tangible! What does this all mean?

One of our eco-certified accommodations by Green Key Global is the Watermark Beach Resort, in Osoyoos, Canada. Sunny Osoyoos (oh-soo-yuss) is where you’ll find cacti and rattlesnakes in the bush, exceptional Syrahs and Cabernet Sauvignons in the local wineries, and a rich history and living culture to explore with local First Nations. The Watermark offers a restful residential feel rather than that of an impersonal resort. After admiring the mountains, shining lake and manicured lawns, the lobby continues the natural theme with glowing honey-colored wood, and stone, with plenty of cozy spots to sit and chat.

Over to the important stuff, their sustainability! Well, it pleases me to tell you; they are really making progress towards a sustainable future! First, they have simple, ordinary rules like the ones we have at home to live sustainable. But then they take it to the next level, they have incorporated a green policy, with the purpose to reduce their impact on the environment and protect the planet for future generations. And last but not least, they also explore different initiatives, like a recycling plan and an Electric Vehicle Charging Stations! They are working to ensure their partners are engaged in developing the electric vehicle highway Via 97 as well as the Sun Country Highway initiative.

There is lots more to tell you about this amazing accommodation, but it’s best to go and see for yourself! When staying there make sure you don’t skip the Levia wellness spa! Here you can balance your inner peace and sustain your inner beauty. Sounds wonderful! Make sure you book your stay to this amazing sustainable accommodation at


Sustainable Design Hotel Maastricht, Netherlands

We’re fond of South Limburg and we love Maastricht. That’s why we would like to introduce you to the Designhotel Maastricht.

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Sustainable destination South Limburg, Netherlands

We would love to introduce you to a shining pearl in the South of the Netherlands, South Limburg and Maastricht! South Limburg is a top 100 sustainable destination by our esteemed partner Green Destinations.
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