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Sustainable the Pillar and Post Inn and Spa, Canada


Most of you have heard about our esteemed ecolabel partner Green Key Global. Green Key Global is an international environmental certification body that offers standardized programs and resources, designed specifically for the hotel and meetings industries. The Green Key Eco-Rating Program is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The graduated rating system is designed to recognize hotels, motels, and resorts that are committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance.

The Pillar and Post Inn & Spa, Canada, is one of our accommodations certified by Green Key Global. This Tuscany style fine-dining restaurant with an option to dine on a poolside patio under the stars and their 13,000-square-foot indoor and outdoor spa define this luxuries hotel. What does this accommodation do to achieve a sustainable future? You get the possibility to reuse your towel (take it!), they changed some cleaning formulas to shorten the laundry cycles and to conserve water. When dining at the hotel you can choose organic food, in which you are thereby supporting the elimination of chemical pesticides, hormones and fertilizers!

There are many stories to be told about their actions for a sustainable future, but maybe its best if you go and visit them! If you are there, use the spa consisting of 100 fountains and escape the daily worries. They also offer multiple yoga styles, including the Detox Flow yoga and the Vinyasa Yoga! Participate in the Tone and Stretch if you want longer and leaner muscles! Experience a total body workout that will improve your flexibility and circulation. Stretch to release stress and tension, while keeping your muscles long and agile. Thinking about bringing the kids? They will have the time of their lives playing the scavenger hunt! Sounds like the place to be for a relaxing holiday.

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Sustainable accommodation Puerto Bemberg Lodge, Argentina!

Nothing can top waking up in the middle of the jungle: stirred by squawking parakeets, you open the shutters to find the sun burning through the dawn mist. Butterflies flit among the flowers, hummingbirds hover nearby, and the scent of dew-covered foliage and rich red earth is in the air. This is the paradise of the Puerto Bemberg Lodge.

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