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Sustainable destination South Limburg, Netherlands


The region of South Limburg: in the east it borders on Germany, in the south and west on Belgium. South Limburg is the most southern region of the Netherlands consisting of 18 municipalities and it is the oldest touristic destination in Holland. South Limburg is a top 100 sustainable destinations by our partner Green Destinations. Let’s find out why! 

Since a few decades, South Limburg has been actively working on transforming itself into a sustainable touristic destination for the tourists who visit the region all year. South Limburg has set up many great projects from promoting alternative energy, protecting and properly renovating heritage buildings, and educating tourism businesses about sustainability, strengthening local identity and actively supporting local entrepreneurs. Some of their projects were also recognized both nationally and internationally by various awards.

South Limburg is not only known for its beautiful landscape and Burgundian hospitality, but also for its international attractions. South Limburg consists of 5 regions; the Grensmaasvallei, Parkstad Limburg, Valkenburg, the Heuvelland, and Maastricht. One of the best-known is Maastricht. This beautiful city is full of historic buildings and trendy designer stores, stately churches, adventurous caves, a variety of restaurants and terraces full of fun. Bustling festivals and high-profile exhibitions, wide squares and vast vineyards. All that and more is Maastricht: the star among cities! Maastricht is also a city with a mission, they started the mission #missonzeromaastricht. Maastricht wants to be climate-neutral by 2030. Together with institutions, companies and residents, the municipality is working on energy!



When visiting Maastricht, which we highly recommend you do, you have to visit the cultural heart of the city, the Vrijthof; people call it the most beautiful square in the Netherlands! If you like books and churches, than the bookstore Dominicans is the place to be. The bookstore is located in the more than 700-year-old Dominican Church and proclaimed “The Fairest Bookshop of the World, a bookshop made in heaven” by the Guardian! 



The Broth Bar is a great place to go and have lunch, but also to buy books or ingredients to live sustainable or organic. The Broth Bar is the first business in Maastricht and surroundings that focuses entirely on the natural health boost from the inside: bone broth! True organic bone broth strengthens your immune system and gives your body a healthy health kick. The SAP bagel & juice bar is a great place to enjoy a healthy lunch, a tasteful bagel and a detox juice! They almost entirely work with local suppliers and preferably with organic products. In addition, they prefer paper or glass disposables. Also really popular is Marres Kitchen. It’s not only a beautiful place to eat, but chef Maher Al Sabbagh lets you discover different tastes inspired from all over the world. Here you can have an amazing vegan diner, full of taste explosions!

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