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Sustainable destination Lake Holon, Philippines


Tucked away at 1,756 meters above sea level, deep in the hinterland of South Cotabato, you will find an amazing hidden destination full of magical and enchanting nature.  Lake Holon is appointed as a top 100 sustainable destination by Green Destinations. So why is Lake Holon a top 100 sustainable destination? Well, let’s find out!

Lake Holon and the T’boli community have managed to take tourism to the next level. They work according to strict eco-tourism principles with a strong focus on nature protection and the empowerment of the local T’boli community. They are happy to share the Lake Holon with you, but only when it benefits all stakeholders and only in a way that it preserves their unique culture and traditions. Besides this The T’boli community takes nature conservation very seriously, and when necessary the treks towards the lakes are closed and not accessible for visitors, in order to give nature some time to regenerate!

If you go there make sure that you are experienced in hiking, especially the Kule trail is not easy. It is best to take your time and stay if you want a real experience with the amazing innate beauty of Lake Holon. Ooh one little thing, they only way to stay overnight is in your own tent so make sure you are well prepared to do so. Soak your feet in the cold water and let the school of tiny fishes befriend your toes; it’s quite enlivening and a unique experience. We also recommend to go swimming in the lake; it’s a great way to observe the beautiful surroundings!

The local T’boli community is still living in a traditional way, like their ancestors lived centuries ago. The T’boli distinguish themselves by their colourful clothes, bracelets and earrings. Make sure you take the trip to this community with a responsible guide and don’t forget to smile!

If you have the time and want to experience an unique waterfall, travel to the Asik Falls. This waterfall is a curtain-like spring falls that is about 200-meter wide. Breath-taking! The Grand Mosque in Cotabato City is also your visit worth. the Masjid Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah or the Grand Mosque is the biggest and grandest mosque in the country!

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