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Stunning hiking routes across the world!

There are many ways to discover the world, by car, airplane, train, bike, foot and whatever else you can imagine! Off course, travelling by car or plane sounds easy because that are the beaten tracks. But there are wonderful and stunning tracks over the world to take by foot, for example! In light of this, let’s explore some of the most stunning hiking routes across the world and become inspired to go on foot!  Each course is tailored to its landscape and all promise plenty of bird’s-eye views from adrenaline-pumping vantages.


The Dolomites, Italy

The first route we have for you is in the Italian Dolomites. The Dolomites, a chain of 18 peaks in the northern Italian Alps. The region is full of sheer cliff faces that tower over narrow valleys and bring out a traveler’s aspiring mountaineer. With more than 200 routes to choose from in the region, it’s worth hiring an experienced guide to help you design a single- or multi-day adventure.

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia’s Purcell Mountains are littered with jagged rock faces, small waterfalls, mammoth glaciers, and a few via ferratas. Here you can find thrill seeking hiking routes! Here you follow paths of iron rungs along ridges thousands of feet above the ground and cross a wood plank suspension bridge that stretches 200 feet through the open air. Sounds very exciting!


Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

The highest iron road, as they call these stunning routes on the mountains, is found in Malaysia! It starts just above 11,000 feet and ends at 12,388 feet. You can choose between two routes — Walk the Torq and Low’s Peak Circuit. Again, a thrill seeking adventure!

Have you ever hiked such an exiting trail? Please share your thoughts with us. We love to go on one of these hikes and explore the nature like you never did before; like an eagle in the sky! Strat your hiking travels by booking your sustainable accommodation at


Sustainable destination South Limburg, Netherlands

We would love to introduce you to a shining pearl in the South of the Netherlands, South Limburg and Maastricht! South Limburg is a top 100 sustainable destination by our esteemed partner Green Destinations.

The Jurys Inns in Belfast, North Ireland, the city the Titanic has been built

Stunning car-free cities around the world!

The medieval streets of Fes-al-Bali, Morocco is the largest car-free urban area in the world, most people get around by foot, donkey, or cart traffic
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