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Ecofriendly accommodation the MiM Hotel, Sitges, Spain


Have we convinced you to travel to the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona? It’s important to realize there are other, better places to go to when wanting to visit big (overcrowded) cities! We introduced the Costa Barcelona to you and hope you are inspired to travel to this amazing area instead of the city itself. To inspire you even more we have selected a fabulous ecofriendly hotel in Sitges!

Just 35 km southwest of Barcelona is Sitges! Sitges sizzles with beach life, late-night clubs and an enviable festival calendar; sounds really fun! Did you know, Sitges has been a resort town since the 19th century, and was a key location for the Modernism movement, which paved the way for artists like Picasso. In the summer Sitges blooms to life, normally it’s a small city with only 28.000 people living there, but in summer this expands quite a bit. But despite the bacchanalian nightlife, Sitges remains a classy destination: its array of galleries and museums in spite of its small size, there’s a good choice of upmarket restaurants in its historic center (which is lined with chic boutiques), and the October film festival draws culture fiends from miles around. The town is quieter during the off season, but you can still get a feel for it. Now over to the important stuff; how sustainable is Sitges?

The Sitges Town Council, as the town’s principal representative, has made a commitment to promote a tourism model based on environmental, cultural and socioeconomic sustainability, bearing in mind that both its residents, and a large number of visitors and tourists live and coexist in Sitges. In 2016 Sitges obtained the Biosphere Destination certification. Biosphere is of course an esteemed ecolabel partner, but they also certify destinations. Biosphere destinations promotes tourism put into practice via sustainable activities within the sphere of triple profitability: environmental, cultural and socioeconomical.

We love to be a part of this amazing vibrant city, just outside Barcelona. To make sure you can stay at an ecofriendly accommodation we have done some research and discovered the MiM Hotel Sitges. Located in the center of Sitges and just 100 meters from the beach, Hotel MiM Sitges remains to be peaceful, ideal for a holiday or a relaxing break. The hotel uses natural light in their meeting rooms and in their hotel rooms and suites! It also offers a well-equipped spa with water circuit for lovers of well-being. Committed to the environment and located in a sustainable building, it has received the LEED Platinum certification awarded by the US Green Building Council.


Sitges is also known as Spains most famous gay holiday destination. In July and August, Sitges cranks up the volume to become one big beach party, while Carnaval unbridles the town’s hedonistic side. But Sitges also holds a rich history. Museu del Cau Ferrat is a great place to start discovering the history of Sitges. It is build in a huis-studio by Catalan artist Santiago Rusiñol, a pioneer of the Modernisme movement. This seaside mansion is crammed with his own art and that of his contemporaries (including his friend Picasso), as well as his extensive private collection of ancient relics and antiques. A thing you shouldn’t miss out on is the Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla; said to be Sitges’ most striking landmark! The 17th-century parish church, sitting proudly on a rocky outcrop lapped by the sea, which separates the 2 km-long main beach to the southwest from the smaller sandy beaches to the northeast.


When it comes to dining out Sitges has a lot to offer. We fell I love with Lady Green. Zesty Mexican platters, veggie burgers, falafel with quinoa tabouli, and delectable American-style vegan cheesecake: vegetarian Lady Green will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds with its imaginative meat-free dishes, bold flavors and wonderful desserts. They also offer vegan and gluten-free choices, plus invigorating fresh juices and smoothies. If you want a local specialty we suggest you visit La Nansa, a true seafood specialist! Just back from the seafront, located in a little lane in a fine old house, this seafood specialist offers great paella and other rice dishes, such as the local specialty ‘Arròs a la Sitgetana’ (brothy rice dish with meat and seafood).

We love the sound of Sitges, but we love it even more if we can unburden Barcelona! Book this ecofriendly accommodation at



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