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Stunning car-free cities around the world!


Some of the world capitals are facing problems due to overpopulation and over tourism. Cars cause havoc, crowded streets and contribute to increased air pollution, that isn’t what we want on our travels, right?! We love to have true and unique experiences, but sometimes it’s hard to leave the car at home and travel by bike. We have done some research for you about car free cities!

Car-free cities come in many forms. Some are historic city centers that have banned cars in an effort to fight pollution and increase tourism. Ljubljana is a great example of a car-free historic city center. And from our own experience we can promise you that it is a complete different experience. It feels much more spacious, healthy and incredibly quite with an amazing relaxed energy.  Normally you take the cars and all things that come with this for granted, but when there are none, something very special happens you can only experience when you have been in a car-free cities.  Other cities are car-free because of necessity; the narrow streets of Fes-al-Bali, Morocco make driving impossible. Still other places are rural, out-of-the-way villages with small populations which rely on boats, donkeys, and bicycles.

Did you know that Belgium’s second largest car-free area, the city center of Ghent did away with cars in 1996 in an effort to tackle persistent traffic jams and declining air quality. Encompassing about 86 acres of land, the car-free area opened up new possibilities for cycling infrastructure, public transportation, and made the city much more pleasant for tourists and residents alike. Feel like going to Ghent right now, just book your sustainable accommodation at and enjoy!

Another great example is  the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa, one of the UNESCO World Heritage site Lamu is a car-free island in Kenya. Only pedestrian, bicycle, and donkey traffic is permitted on the narrow streets. The architecture—a blend of Swahili, Arabic, Persian, Indian, and European building styles—of the Old Town Lamu is also stunning.

Located at the base of the Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland, is an alpine town that is completely closed off to cars. Private vehicles can access Täsch—a small town about 5 kilometers from Zermatt—and then you board trains that run every 20 minutes into the city. Once in Zermatt, the picturesque city is easily navigable by foot, horse-drawn carriage, eTaxi, bike, or eBus.

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