5 ways to celebrate a sustainable valentine’s day

That special day of the year when lovers get together to celebrate their love is almost here. At bookdifferent.com we love Love💚💚 and we came up with 5 perfect sustainable tips how to surprising your beloved one and at the same time taking care of the environment.

1. Romantic Getaway: A romantic weekend getaway or a vacation is a great way to celebrate love. You can choose between a local and sustainable destination or find the holidays you always dreamed of and still make a positive impact on the world. At bookdifferent.com you can find a great number of green & hot & happening destinations where you can make a real difference in creating a positive impact during your holidays.




2. Romantic Hotel: Finding a truly romantic and sustainable hotel is not easy, but no worries we are here to help. Have you ever fantasised about being with your loved one(s), in the middle of the most romantic scenario! Then how about to emerge yourself in Italy, where the original Valentine’s story started a long time ago? You can find beautiful local and sustainable accommodation in romantic Tuscany. Check here

You do not know where to go? send us an email and we will tell you where to find the eco-friendliest hotels.


3. Picnic Adventure: Take your partner for an adventure. Swimming in the ocean, hiking in nature or Skiing. Stay outdoors with the added awareness that the outdoors we enjoy is a mysterious magic ride created by mother Nature. End the day with a beautiful and healthy and zero-waste picnic.





4. Candlelight Dinner: If you’re a more of an indoor type of person and you’re really looking for that romantic candlelight dinner with your beloved, choose a small, cosy, organic and local restaurant. Or you can show to your partner that you can be a real chef in the kitchen and prepare a full homemade organic meal and set up a very romantic candlelight dinner.




5. Gifts: The traditional and “romantic” bouquet of flowers or a teddy bear is part of the past. Be more natural and eco-creative to surprise your partner with something new.

  • Cards: Create your own card from recovered or recycled paper. If you are not a skilful person, search for a local artist who produces his own cards with recycled materials.
  • Jewellery: Make sure it’s made using fairly methods or just go a little deeper and pick a beautiful vintage recycled piece to complement your partner’s style.
  • Flowers: We all love flowers, but unfortunately the flower cultivation uses a lot of pesticides and lasts only a few days! Find a beautiful plant that can grow with your love. Seasonal or aromatic plants are great on the outside and help bees to thrive!
  • Chocolate and wine: What a delicious combination of flavours, but always remember to see if they are fair trade, organic and what kind of materials are used for paper or cork.
  • Words: The best gift you can give does not require you to generate any waste, just tell your partner some special words as “I love you”. After all, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love – so show your partner that you care by telling them how you feel.


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