5 considerations to celebrate carnival sustainably

Carnival is that time of year when everyone comes together to celebrate the diversity of cultures, exhilarating festivities and activities that are held within various cities across the globe. At bookdifferent.com we love the idea of bringing people together, especially if this can be done in a sustainable way. That is why it has created 5 great sustainable tips for you to enjoy a sustainable carnival.

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The ideal carnival destination: The perfect place for you can depend on various things. Are you looking to celebrate carnival close to home? Or do you want to broaden your horizon and experience something completely new? At bookdifferent.com you can find several exciting locations in the green & hot & happening which gives you an insight into all the possibilities of places to experience, all while supporting our environment.


Some cool places to consider would be Santa Cruz de Tenerife  Cádiz – Spain, Cologne – Germany, Venice – Italy, Nice – France and Nothing Hill – London.



The perfect carnival hotel: Now that you have some idea of where you would like to celebrate your carnival, you can start thinking about the hotel to meet all your needs. The bookdifferent.com website encompasses of a wide variety of hotels that a meet your standards and contribute to impacting the environment in a positive way. Let’s say you’ve chosen to celebrate carnival in Colombia, you can find the perfect hotel for you.

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Authentic activities: Great we have come so far! Now that you have chosen your ideal destination and hotel, you can start thinking about the activities you would like to partake in. Being that many places have week-long activities, you will have plenty options. You can even choose the “off the beaten track” and go for the activities that locals are highly involved in or you can choose a more laid-back carnival and enjoy the festivities held during the weekends.





Things to bring: Carnival is one of the most entertaining celebrations to enjoy and/or partake in! First thing to bring is a positive attitude open to experience whatever the festivities may bring throughout your experience. If you want, you can always ask the locals if you are curious to know what goes on behind the scenes. You might even end up having the time of your life.




Conscious Carnival Thoughts:

 Want to remain sustainable, try to use as many public transportation methods to get around as you possibly can when abroad.
 Whenever possible try to support the local businesses and community when staying in your chosen city.
 This goes without saying, always pay good attention for your safety and that of others.




Finally, bookdifferent.com hopes you enjoy all the festivities you choose to attend and/or partake in.


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