3 amazing green cities!

We are always in the search for the latest news about cities that take the lead in improving on their sustainability strategy and performance and the good news is the number of cities that improve on this is growing rapidly.

We have selected the cleanest cities in the world for you. Once you visited and experienced these cities, you realize in an instant the significance of cleanliness and how much it aids to the longevity and beauty of a place and our planet.

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, it appeases all kinds of travelers. The cultural persona of Singapore introduces you to lively festivals, colorful traditions and delicious cuisines. The city-state is often applauded for being one of the cleanest cities in the world all the while accommodating hordes of tourists all-round the year. How? Well, the government has implemented some strict rules for its residents and visitors to maintain the cleanliness. Therefore, you’d be taking the law in to your own hands if you did anything to break any of the rules and regulations in the Lion City.

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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, the city with an incredible nightlife, as well as being one of the cleanest cities. Hamburg suffered greatly during both World Wars and was in ruins for most of the part. After this the city went through a transformation, which is why you’ll discover the amazing blend between the old and new. While all of this is great, what’s amazing about Hamburg is that it’s the cleanest city you will ever see. It has also made a promise to bring down emission levels by 80% till 2050. That says a lot about the city, doesn’t it?

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Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland, well known for its volcanoes and outdoor spa’s! It has such a diverse landscape that you’d be able to see almost everything within the geographical boundaries of one country.Almost 95% of heating in Reykjavik is provided with the use of geothermal power, which basically means that almost all the electricity used in Reykjavik is renewable! So no polluted air in Reykjavik!

We have found and amazing hotel, less than an hour’s drive from the city. The ION Adventure Hotel is where modern design meets Iceland’s incomparable natural landscape. Book the ION Adventure Hotel near Reykjavik at bookdifferent.com.


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