2019 travel resolutions by bookdifferent.com


1. Travel More Clean  bookdifferent.com first travel resolution tip is clean and serious. 8 million metric tons or plastic ends up in the oceans every year causing serious harm to animals, sea life and polluting our environment. Cut plastic waste by using an insulated water bottle and saying no to single-used plastic as straws, cups, cutlery and shopping bags. Changing this habit, helps for a cleaner environment and less CO2 , toxic gases and pollution in the ocean and atmospheres.




2. Travel More Aware:  Cruelty-free is more than making sure that people are harmed during tourist activities. Avoid activities that have safety and dignity of animals and people. Luckily more and more tourism in the area of ​​animal welfare during excursions. Choose eco-certified tour companies that protect the environment and the communities. This resolution requires homework, but we think it is also one that can potentially make the most direct difference in peoples’ lives. Volunteering in a wildlife center or orphanage required some extra research to find if it is not ethical activity or not.


3. Travel Slow and Local:  This travel resolution is all about supporting local businesses and people. Nothing better than taking life in a culture and enjoy it 100%. Travel is an industry that can be influenced by how we spend our time and money. Over-tourism is a real! Visiting the Trevi Fountain in Rome with more 10,000 tourists is unpleasant and is harmfull for locals . You can look for local culture through art, food and service. Look for sustainable and  certified destinations  on our website.




4.  Travel More Green: The way we use transportation for traveling the environment, for example aviation is one of the most polluting thing in tourism industry. Using trains, busses do make a big difference and if you go by bicycle or foot you see much more! Travel more locally and in bits, instead of a long hours flight. If you do not want to go, choose direct flights in economy class. You can always consider carbon emissions by purchasing carbon products with certified companies that support environmental projects. See some  world hiking places  to practice this resolution .


5. Travel to Sustainable Destinations:  Let’s break out of the mainstream activities and destinations and spend our time and money on the ecosystem. Hoteliers and destination councils are more and more conscious of their role and impact on the planet. Traveling to the beaten track can be more of a mission, but it means that you can boost local economies. For example, book accommodation that understands the importance of the environment by having eco-practices.
If you book a certified accommodation , we can guarantee it is truly sustainable.
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