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Bookdifferent stay green check

de staygreencheck:
hoe groener, hoe gaver!

zo fijn. wij checken alle accommodaties direct op duurzaamheid

effectief duurzaam beheer en naleving van de wet
eerlijk & lokaal
eerlijke en gelijke behandeling voor werknemers en de bestemming
cultuur vriendelijk
respect voor lokale tradities
natuur & milieu
aardig voor alles dat leeft
Super interessant! Hier wil ik meer van weten!


Sustainable Transportation Methods

At we want to facilitate you with the right tools that will give you the right information and platform to book the most sustainable accommodations for your upcoming trips.

Tips for a Sustainable Springtime

Aaaahhh it’s that time of year again when flowers are blossoming, trees are brighter than ever, and our skins are getting kissed ever so gently again by the sun… springtime! We would love to advise you about several tips you might be able to use to enjoy this season more sustainably. So, if you want to go a bit deeper into the journey of sustainability but don’t want to totally overhaul your life you are at the right place!
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