We are World’s Leading OTA for Responsible Tourism 2019

bookdifferent.com is World’s Leading Online Travel Agency for Responsible Tourism 2019!

bookdifferent.com, leaders in transition towards a more sustainable travel sector, wins World’s Leading Online Travel Agency for Responsible Tourism 2019 at the World Travel Awards.

bookdifferent.com is an innovative green travel data-organization and a hotel booking site with a mission, namely, to make the travel sector more sustainable.  How? By making it easier for consumers and businesses alike to book sustainable accommodations. Bookdifferent.com is the first organization in the world that has brought together over 14.000 certified hotels of more than 30 renowned eco-labels with global coverage, has mapped how the certified accommodations score on the pillars of sustainability through the staygreencheck score and has calculated the CO2-emission of over 2 million hotels.

Next to winning the World Travel Award, bookdifferent.com was also listed as one of the most relevant sustainability start-ups by Lufthansa’s Innovation Hub “Travel and Mobility”.

“As an innovative company, constantly aiming to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable travel sector, this World Travel Award means a lot to us. It recognizes our efforts and encourages us to keep pushing for responsible practices in the industry because there is a huge need for it.”, Lonneke de Kort, CEO bookdifferent.com, says.

For the green company, being innovative means moving with the demands of the market, analysing the market’s gaps and finding solutions to fill these. Lately, there has been a shift especially in the supplier side of the market, with growing awareness of the need for responsible practices in the tourism industry. That is why, during the last year, bookdifferent.com has evolved to a green data-company to help stakeholders in the sector become more sustainable by creating insight into their supply chain from early stages on using their B2B tools for tour operators, corporates and hoteliers.

Lonneke de Kort adds: “At bookdifferent.com, we practice what we preach, which is why we did not fly the great distance to Oman to receive the award at yesterday’s ceremony. Because of the rightfully on-going flight shame in the industry and the awareness of just how bad flying is for the environment, we believe that if would not have been in line with what we stand for. Nevertheless, we are more than thrilled about receiving this great honor! bookdifferent.com is constantly evolving and finding new ways to push the sustainable travel sector forward.”



For further details or images for bookdifferent.com – contact Lonneke de Kort on +31 640756303 or lonneke@bookdifferent.com

Link to WTA official winner page: https://www.worldtravelawards.com/award-worlds-leading-online-travel-agency-for-responsible-tourism-2019

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