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Discover a new culture and way of life… on the path less wandered.

Want to get away from the crowds and find somewhere where you can really have a positive impact as a traveller? Our unique magnifique recommendations are for those who want their experience to be out of the ordinary. For those who are willing to travel just a bit further to discover their dream and for those who don’t care about luxury all the time. These are the travel experiences that you treasure and remember most. Because they touched and perhaps even changed you… for the better. Luxury is not a must, but life is. Unique magnifique is not about time, not about money, but about how you choose to live.

Looking for some inspiration on where to go next? Our categories can help with just that! We’ve put together collections of our favourite sustainable hotels which deserve to be recognised for the great green efforts that they are making. From hidden city gems, to off the beaten track jungle lodges, to beach resorts that care about their footprint, to places that are simply perfect for getting away from it all and into nature, you’ll find plenty to wanderlust over here. For each category we’ve handpicked the most inspiring accommodations that are doing their bit to limit harness the power of tourism for good. So when you decide to travel to a sustainable destination, you can be sure that you’ll be helping to give back, too. Travel has never felt so good!
Start making the world a better place now by booking your favourite places to stay from our special categories today.

STF Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden This eco lodge is situated by the beautiful lake Skärsjön and is Sweden’s most primitive hotel; the huts have no electricity and the dark evenings are lit by candles or traditional oil lamps. Staying here will be a truly unique off the grid experience!
Ecocamp Patagonia, Torres del Paine, Chile This eco camp is inspired by the region’s ancient nomadic inhabitants, resistant to the wild Patagonian outdoors and utilizing sophisticated green technology. You can trek through scenic landscapes by day past rivers, glaciers, mountains and wildlife, and relax in EcoCamp's domes at night with delicious food and wine.
Silostay, Little River, New Zealand Fascinating and on a mission to be mindful of the environment, SiloStay consists of individual, circular hotel units in the shape of repurposed grain silos! Besides that this is an awesome place to stay for a few nights, they are also very environmentally friendly, they use cruelty-free wool for insulation and use bio-pod as a waste management system!
Wigwam Motel, San Bernardino, U.S.A. Authentic from the outside, a little bit more modern from the inside. These 15 teepees will feel spacious and the angles of the teepee make it an unusual stay. Despite all the renovations, the teepee’s still look authentic - and have been welcoming guests since the 1950's!
The Yays - Crane Apartment, Amsterdam, Netherlands Situated in a district still undiscovered by most tourists but known to be an emerging creative hub is the Yays. This old crane is renovated and serves as an iconic reminder of important parts of Amsterdam's history! The crane’s interior is hip and stylish, just as you except in Amsterdam!
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