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TOFTigers PUG Eco-Certification

TOFTigers is a pioneering campaign and leader in advocating sustainable tourism in India and in South Asia with fifteen years of experience. The mission is to make a difference in protecting biodiversity, restoring habitats, supporting rural livelihoods and raising awareness among entrepreneurs, using better visitor guidance, community involvement, targeted green investment and enhanced governance and monitoring. This is the perfect platform to see and learn more about wildlife in Southern Asia.


The PUG eco-rating was benchmarked against the GSTC:


TOFTigers is compliant with following hearts of the staygreencheck :



The PUG eco-rating standard performed the Greenest Choice, according to the staygreencheck methodology. All the accommodations TOFTigers will show the four hearts of sustainability. 




TOFTigers is a GSTC recognized ecolabel since July 2015, that promotes better tourism, better training and better monitoring and advising governments, states, parks, providers and visitors on the best practice in nature. 

The tool of TOFTigers is using is the PUG eco-rating certification for accommodation providers working in wild landscapes. It has 3 levels: Outstanding – exemplary industry leaders; Quality – highly environmentally and socio-culturally responsible; Good – low-impact, environmental and social issues on the role in their operational decisions and programming. When the accommodations is under on-site audition of the property and waiting to be rated it receive the Under Process PUG eco-rating.


  • The certificate is valid for 3 years.
  • The PUG auditing process is done by independent environmental auditors and executed by Sycom Project Consultants, based in Delhi.
  • See the TOFTigers standards for accommodations here
  • Do you want to know more about TOFTigers click here


Best practices

Many of the best PUG certified lodges border national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. So many have deliberately set out to rewild once bare agricultural fields, restoring native trees and grasses and building wetlands and waterholes. Book your TOFTiger accommodation with

Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Located on 110 acres of restored land. Have 12 charming and comfortable cottages and offers the best experience of the jungle of central India. With a Outstanding PUG Eco-rating is recognized as an ecologically responsible lodge in the local communities in the Kanha Tiger Reserve. You can do nature walking tours, birdwatching and village visits.

Mela Kothi - The Chambal Safari Lodge

This lodge is located in 35 acres of reclaimed woodland in National Chambal Sanctuary with 13 lovelly rooms. With a Outstanding PUG Eco-rating, the hotel is commited to use sustainable natural resources and the continued protection of the park. You can enjoy several activities as river safaris, bird watching and walking tours.

Kings Lodge


Is located on 12 acres of open land, surrounded by the Sal forested hills of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. With 18 rooms, the lodge has a Quality PUG Eco-rating and was designed to be environmentally sensitive, harmonious and benefits from plenty natural daylight. You ca enjoy natural walks, workshops, bird watching, visits to the village.


Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge

This intimate lodge is situated in  Bardia National Park and has 21 rooms with a  Quality PUG Eco-rating. The focus is on fresh and organic farmed products. It’s a calming and soothing place, perfect for yoga retreats. Your stay will be full of wild activities as natural safaris and see a wide range of wild animals.



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