The urban jungle

Because sometimes urban concrete and green go hand in hand.

Cities are full of “regular hotels” for “regular people”. But that’s not you. What about those quiet side streets that tell a different story of a city, or the artsy quarters just waiting for you to come and discover new talents? These city accommodations are full of surprises – from rooftop bee farms to art galleries used by locals, to all-organic inspirations. Come and discover a new side to your favourite city.

Looking for some inspiration on where to go next? Our categories can help with just that! We’ve put together collections of our favourite sustainable hotels which deserve to be recognised for the great green efforts that they are making. From hidden city gems, to off the beaten track jungle lodges, to beach resorts that care about their footprint, to places that are simply perfect for getting away from it all and into nature, you’ll find plenty to wanderlust over here. For each category we’ve handpicked the most inspiring accommodations that are doing their bit to limit harness the power of tourism for good. So when you decide to travel to a sustainable destination, you can be sure that you’ll be helping to give back, too. Travel has never felt so good!

Start making the world a better place now by booking your favourite places tot stay from our special categories today.


Sir Adam Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands Located on the Amsterdam ij-river, this 70s skyscraper has been completely renovated and converted into an iconic, hip hotel. The hotel is completely dedicated to music. In the evening a cool tune pops down from speakers and there is a turntable in every room!
Kex hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland This gigantic three-story warehouse on the Reykjavik waterfront was once the Frón factory and made Iceland's favorite biscuit, the Mjólkurkex. Nowadays, the building is a hostel and a hot-spot in Reykjavik, not only for backpackers but also for the locals! The perfect place to meet people!
Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands This great hotel is located in the red brick arches of a former market hall. Each room is equipped with a unique art installation, so you can sleep in a bright blue sixties Dutch tramcar, a wooden gingerbread house, or your own ladder-shaped crow's nest! The choice is yours!
The Exchange, Amsterdam, Netherlands This hotel has been styled by several young designers from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Here is room for every budget; from a one-star room with gigantic knob details and a standard double room where the bed is in a gigantic hoop skirt to a luxurious room inspired by the crisp white Rembrandt collar! How cool is that?!
Lloyd hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands This imposing building was originally a guesthouse for migrants and a prison for young detainees, but today this building from the 1920s is an unusual hotel! This is the place where you go when you are looking for unusual experiences; this hotel has a bed for 8 people?!
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