The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA)


The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) is a not-for-profit society governed by the BC Societies Act and an elected Board of Directors who represent business and community tourism interests throughout the region. One of five regional tourism organizations in the province of BC, TOTA works under the Super, Natural British Columbia brand, whose mandate includes destination development and marketing initiatives.

TOTA’s goal is to sustain the Thompson Okanagan region as a competitive destination. By focusing on responsible business and thoughtful development, TOTA has emerged as a global tourism leader through its ten-year Regional Tourism Strategy called “Embracing Our Potential.” This strategy was endorsed by the 90 cities, villages and hamlets and 33 indigenous communities that call the Thompson Okanagan home. Using big data and ancient indigenous wisdom to inform bold decisions, TOTA is improving the wellbeing of the community through strategic alliances that change lives while preserving the culture of the communities and protecting the environment from disruptive and damaging development.

TOTA has helped the Thompson Okanagan become a highly successful year-round destination, with a strong and attractive image that is clearly differentiated from its competitors. The region is well known for the authenticity and quality of its tourism offers, and the cultural and environmental richness and diversity of the areas within it.

As the first region in the Americas to achieve certified Biosphere Designation, TOTA is aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals as outlined in Agenda 2030. This and other transformational practices resulted in the organization being awarded the World Travel and Tourism Council’s 2018 “Tourism for Tomorrow” Award. TOTA aims to live up to the expectations of those who support their efforts to protect the landscapes, people, places and culture, and they will safeguard the environment through consultation, analysis and partnerships with organizations, business, government and countries who are working towards ensuring their destination is sustainable, and respected – forever.

As an innovative organization, TOTA believes it is important to not only lead but to educate and empower others to effect meaningful change. As they work towards enhancing the social and economic environment, they gain a renewed respect for supporting the wellbeing of mankind and the determinants that allow people to live enriched, healthy and sustainable lives. This involves access to clean water, fertile lands, affordable housing and recreation. Wellbeing requires the Association to be cognizant of over-tourism and the stress it places on people, places, wellbeing and culture. The Thompson Okanagan is a vast region of plenty, full of wonders worthy of being shared with visitors from around the world but it is critically important that the region attracts the right visitors, to the right place, at the right time. By using age-old wisdom and emerging technology, TOTA has taken this to heart and seen great success in utilizing this model.

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