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Luxembourg Ecolabel

The Luxembourg EcoLabel for sustainable tourism is a national label and a joint initiative of the Luxembourg Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. It was developed in 1999 to actively promote environmentally friendly and socially acceptable tourism in the Grand Duchy. The ecolabel accredits the environmental initiatives of hotels, camping places, holiday apartments, youth hostels and holiday group houses.

eco certification

The ecolabel regulations determine the criteria that institutions must meet in order to obtain the label. The criteria cover all areas relevant to a tourist establishment and which may have adverse effects on the environment: information and management of the establishment, purchasing policy, management of energy, water and waste.

The criteria are re-evaluated and revised regularly to keep up with the latest developments in the sector and to meet new environmental requirements. Labeled establishments are monitored every 3 years by independent experts.

The label is awarded to accommodation who meet the mandatory criteria and who meet at least 50% of the optional criteria in each thematic area.


best practice

The Youth Hostel Beaufort is an accommodation ecocertified by the Luxembourg EcoLabel. The hostel has dedicated itself to sustainability by adapting a solar power system creating its own electricity. Due to its energy efficient infrastructure, thermal collectors and wood-chip heating system, the youth hostel conforms to state of the art energy efficiency standards. The hostel is participating in the SuperDrecksKëscht, this is an initiative by the Luxembourg government to encourage and regulate ecological waste management. The scope of the initiative includes prevention, handling, re-use, recycling, valorization (ie. for energy extraction) and correct disposal. Would you like to know more about the Luxembourg Ecolabel, please visit their website

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of the Luxembourg EcoLabel!



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