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the Austrian Ecolabel

The Austrian Ecolabel (Das Österreichische Umweltzeichen) was established in 1990 on the initiative of the Ministry of Environment and was the first ecolabel for the tourism sector worldwide. With the Austrian Ecolabel for Tourism, a quality label was made in 1996, giving Austrian tourism companies the opportunity to also demonstrate environmental management and social action.

The purpose of the ecolabel is to provide the general public with information about the environmental impact of consumer goods arising from the entire product cycle and to shift attention to alternative and environmentally friendly products. The purpose of the eco-label is to influence consumer behavior patterns with respect to the demand for goods in such a way that preference is given to more environmentally-friendly products.

eco certification

The Austrian Ecolabel has the requirements for awarding the ecolabel that the accommodation legally complies with the relevant legislation and regulations. In order to obtain the ecolabel as accommodation, the label has described a number of requirements that must be met.


best practice

Hotel Weissenseerhof****s is one of the accommodations on who is eco certified by The Austrian Ecolabel. The accommodation is a leader in the field of electric mobility. Their nature-conscious team aligned their strategy towards electric mobility a long time ago: no other hotel in Austria provides its guests and visitors with free “Electric Vehicle Sharing”. Would you like to know more about The Austrian Ecolabel please visit their website.

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of The Austrian Ecolabel!



The Austrian ecolabel is compliant with following hearts of the staygreencheck:


effective sustainable management and compliance with law

fair & local

fair and equal treatment for employees and destinations

culture friendly

respect for local traditions

nature & environment

taking care of mother earth

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