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Sustainable destination Vail, Colorado (USA)

Experience the ultimate in mountain resort luxury and ski your lungs out in a premier international destination!

Vail, Colorado was established as a premier international mountain resort community in the 1960s. The destination is known for its world-class skiing terrain in winter and also for its incredible cultural events and nature and mountain activities in summer. Vail is a leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship of its fragile mountain and Gore Creek Watershed ecosystems.

Sustainable destination Vail, Colorado

Since its establishment in the 1960s, the Town of Vail has a long history of commitment to sustainability. Such commitments include preservation of open space, protection of sensitive area, energy and water conservation, workforce housing, sustainability education and training, and strong partnerships and collaborative planning on many sustainability issues.

Vail Resorts has a longstanding commitment to implementing sustainability across the resorts over winter and summer seasons, and has just committed to a Zero Net Operating Footprint by 2030 with Zero Net Emissions, Zero Waste to Landfills, and Zero operating impact to forests and wildlife habitat.

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