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need some Vitamin D? these sustainable beach resorts are every bit as good as their sea views!

Sun sea and beach – after all there’s nothing quite like sea air, is there? These are our best-selling beach destinations and eco-friendly seaside resorts that’ll be sure to provide the perfect holiday for all you sun-worshippers. Get off the beaten track and walk along a wild stretch of sand or pull up a deckchair and enjoy your Piña Colada. With a wooden straw of course…

Looking for some inspiration on where to go next? Our categories can help with just that! We’ve put together collections of our favourite sustainable hotels which deserve to be recognised for the great green efforts that they are making. From hidden city gems, to off the beaten track jungle lodges, to beach resorts that care about their footprint, to places that are simply perfect for getting away from it all and into nature, you’ll find plenty to wanderlust over here. For each category we’ve handpicked the most inspiring accommodations that are doing their bit to limit harness the power of tourism for good. So when you decide to travel to a sustainable destination, you can be sure that you’ll be helping to give back, too. Travel has never felt so good! Start making the world a better place now by booking your favourite place tot stay from our special categories today on

Monopoli, Italy, Hotel Don Ferrante If you want a taste of what Capri and St Tropez were like in the 1950s, Monopoli is the spot. This 10-bedroom townhouse was originally a fortress, carved into the ancient defensive walls that surround the town. Don Ferrante comes as a surprise to even the most seasoned Italophile, its discreet front door opening reveals a maze of narrow stone steps and corridors all leading to the same Adriatic panorama!
Old Road, Antigua & Barbuda, Curtain Bluff - All Inclusive Looking over the south-facing Surf Beach, where the waves lap against golden sand is this amazing hotel. A coral reef shields it from the waves, making it the go-to spot for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking. At this sunny resort, your needs are met, from morning workouts in the sand to chilling in the perfect hammock!
Tulum, Mexico, Zamas Hotel The resort's palm frond-topped cabañas are scattered across two acres of coconut groves, which line a white powder beach. This sounds like heaven! It’s also the perfect spot to explore the Riviera Maya’s waters and they have a dive shop onsite for your diving supplies.
Malfa, Italy, Hotel Ravesi The hotel is located on the island of Salina, in the Aeolian Islands in an old village owned by the Ravesi family. Where time seems to pass softly and slowly,this is a magical place with a rich history. The hotel regards sustainability very highly and only use organic products for their meals.
D Maris Bay, Hisarönü, Turkey Isolated and serene, D-Hotel is an unexpectedly sophisticated seaside retreat found in the middle of a vast nature reserve. As it is a bit remote, you can still chose between enough excellent restaurants and there is always an inviting beach nearby!
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