responsible holiday

Make all aspects of your holiday as sustainable as possible!

At we are committed to making all aspects of your holiday as sustainable as possible while still keeping things easy for you as a traveler. For us, a responsible holiday means staying in an eco-friendly accommodation that is reducing plastic pollution, cherishing the local culture and choosing the most environmentally-friendly transport method to get to your destination.

This is what we are working on: an all-around sustainable holiday offer for you. We do this by providing you with eco-certified hotels, responsible destinations, plastic-free travel options and information about responsible transportation methods.

1. Eco-certified hotels

We understand that it’s hard for you as traveler to define what hotel is the most sustainable option. That is why we work together with the most eligible ecolabels. These labels are provided by organizations that identify products or services that comply with sustainable standards as a quality mark that are less environmentally harmful or promote a fair business.


3. Responsible destinations

We know that it’s not just hotels and accommodation that have an impact when we travel: we care about the sustainability of destinations we visit too. We also know that where we go, how we spend our money, and what we choose to do while we’re away can add up to make a huge difference. That is why we put together a collection of responsible destinations for you.


3. Plastic free travel

By signing the International Tourism Plastic Pledge, we committed to reducing plastic pollution at holiday destinations worldwide. But how do we do that? We recently partnered up with the NGO Clean the World to highlight accommodations that take part in this initiative. Now you can choose a hotel that lessens their plastic waste one step at a time!


4. Responsible transportation

You can’t reach your holiday destination without a means to get there, whether that be my plane, car, train, or bus. The environmental impact of these transportation methods matter just as much when it comes to implementing sustainability in the tourism industry. That is why we have put together some responsible transportation tips for you.


5. Local food

As sustainable practices in the travel sector are growing rapidly, hotels are always trying to find more ways to be more responsible. One easy way is to serve local food. Sourcing food from the outside is often tied with a high carbon footprint and food waste whereas local food could reduce these issues.

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