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Sustainable destination Torroella de Montgrí-L’ Estartit, Spain

An area of great environmental interest marked by a wide variety of ecosystems and landscapes; ranging from the mountainous terrain of the Montgrí Massif to the Baix Ter Plain and the coastal strip, flanked by the Medes Islands as an outstanding feature.

Sustainable destination Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit is situated in Baix Empordà-Costa Brava, Catalonia, Spain. The Costa Brava was one of the first mass tourism destinations in the Mediterranean but luckily, Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit successfully achieved to apply policies designed to combine responsible travel activities with the preservation of the environment, in perfect harmony with continuing economic development. Emphasis has been placed on its distinctiveness that comes from its magnificent landscape, from its heritage and from its arts and culture scene which has been active and lively for many years.

It also features a cultural and historical heritage that shows the human and historical development of the area. The most outstanding monument is Montgrí Castle, built between 1294 and 1301 as a demonstration of the power of King James II of Aragon over the Counts of Empúries.

Sustainable destination Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit, Spain

The municipality and its tourism department are firmly committed to sustainability in all its aspects: environmental friendly development of tourism, land planning, mobility, energy saving, management of publicly owned woodlands, recovery of existing areas, etc., and also to the safeguarding and enhancement of natural sites and their habitats, and to the restoration of heritage features in these areas, such as footpaths, outstanding buildings and other landmarks.  

The vision has been to adapt the destination to influence the main tourist markets by enhancing its unique nature and heritage attributes.

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things to do

Medes Islands, an underwater paradise Located just a mile off the coast in front of L’Estartit beach. Don’t forget to do a trip in a glass-bottomed boats to admire one of the most important marine flora and fauna reserves in the western Mediterranean. Here all water and underwater activities available must comply with the regulations that have enabled the preservation of this natural space.
Ecotourism itineraries 70% of the municipality is part of a natural park with high landscaping value and lots of itineraries and activities to enjoy nature: the GR92 path, the Ter route and the 18 local itineraries are suitable for trekking lovers, the Pirinexus and the cycling network of the Baix Empordà are better if you are more fond of cycling and more intense sports.
A town of history and culture especially for the musical heritage that comes from way back. The town has a rich annual programme of musical recitals, concerts and sardana dancing, as well as the summer Festival de Torroella and the Jazz Estartit Festival. Do you prefer painters, sculptors, writers and photographers? The dynamic cultural scene here has attracted several private foundations and art galleries too.
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