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Sustainable destination Sintra, Portugal

With its majestic mountain range dotted with palaces, churches and manor houses and the fascinating villages that give colour to the rural area north of the county, Sintra is a prime location par excellence, of undeniable beauty and of cultural and natural interest.

Sustainable destination Sintra is known worldwide for the diversity of its historical, artistic, architectural and natural heritage, a value recognized as World Heritage in the category of Cultural Landscape of Humanity awarded by UNESCO in 1995.

With its beautiful beaches of golden sand and radiant summer sun, the Sintra coastline offers excellent conditions for water sports, while the magnificent cliffs provide excellent jumping ramps for paragliding lovers. All in all, the Sintra coastline can delight those who prefer the sea to the countryside. In addition to the baths, Sintra is still a municipality well known for its fruit value and its sweet wine.

The westernmost point of the European continent was considered in antiquity to be the place where “the land ends and the sea begins” – the Cabo da Roca is one of the most spectacular locations in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Its vertical cliffs offer spectacular landscapes as well as the opportunity to discover many of the monuments that extend through the area of the Natural Park.

Sustainable destination Sintra, Portugal

The Sintra Coast is characterized by communities that share values ​​of sustainable development, biodiversity, cultural identity, and social responsibility while promoting an excellent tourism offer.

Sustainable destination Sintra maintains this heritage alive, well preserved and promoted. Efforts have been made to value existing assets and optimize the impacts of tourism. This has been done by ensuring a sustainable balance between economic and socio-cultural benefits and environmental costs. In this way, Sintra is contributing to the improvement of the well-being and quality of life of the citizens, as well as provide visitors with a unique experience. Furthermore, Sintra remains one of the first few Portuguese municipalities to develop a local strategic plan to face climate change.

These achievements have also been recognised at an international level, as Sintra have received the QualityCoast Gold Award since 2015 and it is among the Green Destinations Top 100 nomination.

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things to do

Cabo da Roca Around 150 metres above the sea with a panoramic view over the Serra de Sintra and the coast, which makes it worth the visit to the most westerly point of mainland Europe.
Hiking in Sintra Walking is the best way to get to know Sintra as it will allow you to find beautiful trails, corners and treks. Find the most famous trails in Sintra and enjoy your day.
Archaeological Museum of São Miguel de Odrinhas The museum has a collection of epigraphs that covers a period of more than two millennia, from the 4C BC to the 19C AD.  It includes three etruscan sarcophagi, the only ones in existence in Portugal.
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