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Sustainable destination Palau

A fantastic environment with turquoise waters, unexplored land, biodiversity and innovative world-leading environmental regulations.

Sustainable destination Palau, the tiny Pacific island nation is world wide known for its marvelous environment with turquoise waters, unexplored lands, biodiversity and for its innovative and world leader environmental regulations that have been implemented to ensure its pristine condition.

sustainable destination Palau

Sustainable destination Palau is a country consisting of hundreds of islands in the Western Pacific and has a rich natural as well as cultural heritage scene. Palau has adopted a sustainable tourism model and together with the community develops various projects. This destination has been actively working on protecting the environment and as a result of it in 2015 80% of Palau was announced as a “no-take” marine reserve. Palau is also engaged in recycling programs through which, for example, recycled glass is turned into souvenirs.

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Seaward Hotel

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The Pristine Villas and Bungalows at Palau Pacific Resort

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Ngellil Nature Island Resort

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Garden Palace Downtown Koror

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Palau Carolines Resort

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West Plaza Hotel at Lebuu Street

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West Plaza by the Sea

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things to do

Milky Way The Milky Way, located in the rock islands of this Micronesian country, is known for its therapeutic properties. Locals claim that bathing in the white limestone mud found on the waters floor will make you look ten years younger.
Palau taro patch Experience nature and way of working in Palau
Palau rebetii ra odanges el mora oreor Experience Palau's rich traditional folklore
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