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Sustainable destination Otún Quimbaya Nat. Sanctuary, Colombia

Get surprised by the appearance of beautiful birds and walk through a cloud forest, all this can be found at the Otun Quimbaya’s Flora and Fauna Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is one of the most threatened Andean Forest but nowadays the sanctuary protects biodiversity species that are disappearing elsewhere! The sanctuary also puts a lot effort in the education of tourists and the local community about the conservation of the region. Otun Quimbaya’s Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is a top 100 sustainable destination by Green Destinations.

Sustainable destination Otun Quimbaya!

The Otun Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary is managed by the Communitarian Association Yarumo Blanco through a contract with Colombian National Natural Parks. This sustainable destination aims to educate the local community in the area and visitors for conservation through tourism, preserving the basin of the Otun River and as part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape UNESCO Heritage. The Association commitment includes the protection of endangered species according to the CITES convention, the cultural heritage protection and the prevention of sexual and commercial explotation of children and adolescents.

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