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Sustainable destination Noordwijk aan zee, Netherlands

Robust dunes, woodlands, colorful flower fields and a 13 km long sandy beach; welcome to Noordwijk aan Zee.

This Dutch seaside town is a place to fall in love and stay in love with! At Noordwijk more than half of its territory has a nature conservation status. Noordwijk is a top 100 sustainable destination by Green Destinations.

Sustainable destination Noordwijk!

In the Environment Outlook 2030, Noordwijk speaks of wanting to be an Energetic 7 star Coastal town with sustainability as its main theme. Noordwijk wants to be a municipality characterized by ‘green’ economy, healthy and happy society, smart infrastructure, large biodiversity, low CO2 production, energy-neutral, climate-proof, with a resiliently closed water system and efficient use of raw materials. For the sea, the beach and the dunes Noordwijk wants to retain and strengthen its high environmental value for residents and visitors and to keep it visible through the sustainable hallmarks ‘Blue Flag’, ‘Quality Coast’ and Fairtrade ”. Naturally, in collaboration with other parties, Noordwijk is continuously working on a clean and safe environment: clean soil, clean water, good air quality, little noise pollution.

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Bastion Hotel Den Haag Rijswijk

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7 1434 reviews

Bastion Hotel Bussum Hilversum

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7.4 753 reviews

Park Centraal Den Haag

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8.3 2979 reviews

Inn old Amsterdam B&B

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Court Garden Hotel - Ecodesigned

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8.1 1728 reviews

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7.9 804 reviews

Bizstay Harbour II Scheveningen Apartments

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8.7 199 reviews

things to do

City of Space There is no other place in the Netherlands where you’ll find this amount of knowledge about space travel then at Noordwijk. Noordwijk is home to the ESTEC: the technical heart of the European space agency ESA.
Journey through the human body This is the ultimate attraction in the surrounding of Noordwijk. You can venture through your own body, take a thrilling journey in the 5D- heart theater as a red blood cell or discover the spectacular operation inside the human brain!
Venture of to the beach Noordwijk is blessed with beautiful beaches and vast dunes. Watch children play in the ‘mini sea’ (shallow stretched of water on the beach) or take a hike into the magnificent dunes! Looking for a refreshing drink? Take a quick stroll to one of the many beach pavilions. The beaches of Noordwijk are awarded with the European Quality Coast mark.
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