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Sustainable destination Cascais, Portugal

Cascais is a heaven of beauty and calm, it combines the blue of the Atlantic Ocean with the green of Serra de Sintra in a unique landscape that deserves to be immortalized in a postcard!

Sustainable destination Cascais is a coastal town 20 minutes away from Lisbon and Sintra. With its mild year-round climate, Cascais offers a surprising variety of landscapes and attractions. It combines a wide range of possibilities, from pure leisure to business, golf, sun, sea and water sports. It simply has it all and offers a new definition of the concepts of eco- and activity-based tourism.

Here the sun shines most of the year and it preserves the charm of ancient times when it was the summer destination for the Portuguese Royal Family. Walking the streets of Cascais is like taking a trip through the history of kings and spies in ancient times!

Cascais maintains a fishing activity based on ancestral roots, which brings fresh seafood to the restaurants of the village.

Sustainable destination Cascais, Portugal

Sustainable destination Cascais has made many efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Cascais promotes the use of low impact transportation, offering a smart system for buses, trains, bicycles, parking areas and bike paths (MobiCascais). Cascais also gives great attention to environmental education by rehabilitating natural areas and offering tours of the local culture, natural and historical heritage sites.

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things to do

Rota do Ocidente A pedestrian route in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais.. If these 40 Km are not enough for you, don’t worry! The route extends through the network of pedestrian paths of the county, connecting the coast with the forest perimeter of the Serra de Sintra, crossing typical villages and areas of natural value.
Oxigénio Volunteer for this program for the promotion and defense of nature and biodiversity! Plant a tree, get to know more about butterflies, build a shelter for insects, or a nest for birds.
Quinta do Pisão A park in the middle of nature, where children can ride Portuguese wooly donkeys and adults can buy (or harvest) biological vegetables, honey and jams produced by the local farmers and social merchandising products resulting from partnerships with the institutions and associations of the council.
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