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Sustainable destination Azores, Portugal

An astonishing landscape, composed of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic

The Autonomous Region of the Azores is a collection of volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean and one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. Located about 1,500 km west of Lisbon in continental Portugal, the archipelago is composed of nine islands in three main groups: Flores and Corvo (west), Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico and Faial (centre), and São Miguel and Santa Maria (east).

There are many activities available to visitors on the Azores: walking around stunning landscapes marked by dense coastal woods, playing golf at one of the best and least exploited courses in the world, relaxing in natural carbonic water, waterfalls and iron water pools, whale watching, canoeing and kayaking, sailing and horse riding.

sustainable destination Azores, Portugal

The Azores are well known for promoting sustainability. The Azores have a rich and protected geodiversity and marine life, natural areas with well-regulated hiking trails as well as an Eco school. Renewable energy is also widely used on the island. On the Azores, rational use of water is supported by the Regional Plan for the Water (PRAA). Moreover, tourism businesses are ensuring long-term social and economic benefits and the government actively supports human rights activities with for example, campaigns against domestic violence.

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Sete Cidades Lake Lodge

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Octant Furnas

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Apartamento Valados

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Apartamentos Francisco Martins

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Sweet Home

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Casa Conforto

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Vintage Place - Azorean Guest House

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things to do

Montanha do Pico Hike Often seen disappearing into the clouds this stratovolcano can look threatening, and its most recent eruption happened in 1718. But what you might not realise at first glance is that it’s not too difficult to scale, and doesn’t require advanced equipment other than good hiking gear.
Diving Each island brings something different to the table: Near the old port of Angra do Heroísmo in Terceira there’s an underwater anchor graveyard, while the awesome topography of Pico Island continues beneath the waves with sheer volcanic cliffs.
Sete Cidades Caldera Nothing can prepare you for the majesty of the Sete Cidades Massif on the west side of São Miguel Island
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