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Sustainable destination Alto Minho, Portugal

Discover the majestic green landscapes of Alto Minho. The territory offers historical towns, unspoilt beaches and charming countrysides. Perfect for nature lovers!

Sustainable destination Alto Minho is Portugal’s northernmost territory, located at the seaside. It has 36 km of coast, spectacular beaches and delightful maritime villages. At the interior, idyllic settings like majestic mountains and green valley’s amaze residents and visitors with 96% of unbuilt territory. The wide variety of fresh water streams also invites diving or practicing riverside leisure activities. Key attractions include historical and monumental buildings; a rich and varied gastronomy complemented by the local Vinho Verde wine; and traditional festivities. In order to sense this experience more intensely one may stay on one of the several rural lodging or manor houses that offer a closer contact with Nature and traditional livelihood. Discover the abundance of life found in the natural areas and quiet surroundings by walking or cycling the eco-paths in the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

Sustainable destination Alto Minho, Portugal

Sustainable destination Alto Minho is a unique environmental excellence territory. It is fully certified by the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism (ECST) and works daily towards the achievement of sustainability and the preservation of its resources.

The coastline of Alto Minho offers 13 Blue Flagged and 12 Gold Quality awarded beaches. The Atlantic coastline together with 290 km of rivers meet the ideal conditions for practicing nautical and nature tourism activities with one of the 94 tourist operators available in the territory. You can also choose to cycle 124 km of green paths along the rivers or coast.

Alto Minho has 53 classified national monuments, more than any other subregion on Northern Portugal and 10 historical centers of excellence for visiting. The rich offer of Wine and Food is based on the green wines of excellence, and dishes made from the territory main resources.  You cannot miss the opportunity for savoring these delicatessens at the 200 restaurants participating at the Gastronomic Weekends and the PROVE Alto Minho initiatives.

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things to do

Testimonies of the past and contemporary heritage Alto Minho is very rich regarding testimonies of the past (53 National Monuments) as well as contemporary heritage, e.g. Viana do Castelo that was considered the "Mecca of Portuguese Architecture" by the London magazine Wallpaper. Noteworthy to mention that Alto Minho integrates the main routes of the Portuguese Way of Saint James.
Green paths and nautical infrastructures Alto Minho has a great natural value. The reality of Alto Minho is indelibly marked by its two main rivers, the Minho and the Lima, and the sea as they defined the history and shaped the landscape, but also due to the natural values that they contain and already recognized by the Natura 2000 Network. A network of green paths and nautical infrastructures complete the supply of this territory.
Flavours from Alto Minho Alto Minho offers good homemade food, fruit of illustrious art of cooking characteristic of the people of the North. The cuisine reflects typical flavours such as river and sea fish, tender and well-seasoned meats, and desserts and sweets of ancestral tradition. This extensive menu should be accompanied by a wonderful white or red Vinho Verde.
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