Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has appointed 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism. The UN is convinced that tourism can help to make the world a better place. Therefore they have defined 17 world goals, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals should ensure that by 2030 poverty, inequality, loss of biodiversity and climate change will end.

The tourism sector is huge and grows larger very quickly the coming years. Do you know that one in eleven people, for example, have jobs in this sector. It brings prosperity and security and this is how it contributes to the realization of the World Goals for Sustainable Development. We can harness to power of tourism for good.

At BookDifferent we have a mission, we want to create a cleaner and more fair world. With help of these world goals, we can make it very tangible what we do and how it helps to reach our mission.

With your help we can reach out to the goals of the UNTWO to end poverty,  inequality, loss of biodiversity and climate change.

Sustainable consumption (world goal 12):

Goals 12 responsible consumption and productionBook differential contributes to this SDG, because we help you to book sustainable accommodations. And we also share this information for destinations. Do you really choose that hotel with an ecolabel or low CO2 emission? Or do you choose a destination that works well with the people living there, their culture and nature in this destination?

Sustainable consumption is exactly this, that you deliberately think about the possible options you have and that you choose for the option that adds positively towards human kind, nature and our planet whether it's food, energy, clothing or travel.

Going on a holiday is enjoying and experiencing. We do understand that the location, features and price are important to you but because we have so many hotels in our database, we are  convinced that there will be one that suits you exactly fine and has a low footprint or eco label. The more people book green hotels,  the more impact we have together.

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Get in action for climate change (world goal 13)

Foals 13 climate action
Climate change threatens life on earth. The consequences of this are: flooding, drought, global warming, the bad news is that it the poor and developing countries suffer most of climate change. Tourism is one of the major pollutants in this area, so all we can do to reduce CO2 emissions really helps. Choosing an accommodation with a green foot will reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, you help to combat climate change.

All accommodations booked with BookDifferent will naturally cause harmful CO2. That's why we chose to work with The Global Forest Fund. This NGO plants trees with schoolchildren at many destinations in the world. The knife cuts on both sides, our next generation learns about nature and feels the importance of ensuring that these trees provide products that benefit the people living at these destinations and we compensate for CO2 emissions from our clients. Perfect fit don’t you think?

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Realizing fair and social economic growth (world goal 8)

Research points out that you become happier when you travel but tourism also has a positive impact on the world level. For example, it Goal 8 decent work brings employment and investments in a good infrastructure, and it helps to protect nature and the culture on holiday destinations. Unfortunately, it is not only good that brings tourism. Too often, the locals do not benefit from the income of the tourists and nature is negatively affected by all these activities. The benefits and the burdens of tourism are not in balance.

We are convinced that a fair and social economic growth is a prerequisite for positively contributing tourism to destinations and we feel that we also have an important responsibility here. After all, we are as well part of the system and any hotel booked will influence this system.

Therefore we work with The Travel Foundation, this NGO help tourist destinations around the world to handle the flow of tourists so that they learn how tourism can positively contribute to the local community, people and animals who live in such a destination.

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Living in the water (world goal 14)

Goals 14 water life A resilient ocean sustains marine life and functioning ecosystems that support rich biodiversity, food security and sustainable livelihoods. They cover three quarters of our earth's surface. Our drinking water, our weather, climate, the coasts, much of our food and even the air we inhale depends on the oceans. As about 60% of all tourist visit costal destinations this has major consequences on these destinations, the sea and its inhabitants.  Because the oceans are crucial to all life on earth, we need to take care of this. That is why we work with the World Wide Fund (WWF). Together with them, we work on projects that help protect coastal areas, facilitate and learn about sustainable fishing and works on projects against plastic pollution.

# 14 Healthy Oceans and Seas

We feel we have a responsibility to take in this system and that is why BookDifferent is a social enterprise. We therefore give 10% of our gross revenue each year to the above mentioned partners who support all those wonderful destinations, their inhabitants, nature and animals so that we can all enjoy this globe for a very long time.

With this, every hotel that you book at Bookdifferent contributes to a more social and sustainable tourism sector.