Why should you book your hotel on BookDifferent?

You can make the world a better place by booking green hotels, without having to pay a higher rate for your stay or to compromise on comfort. You get to choose from just as many hotels as any other large booking site, automatically support projects which will help destinations to benefit from tourism. On top of that we guarantee you the lowest possible price for your hotel room. So why not book your hotel through us? We really can’t think of any reason not to.

Think about booking green – it’s easy

If we all want to keep enjoying travelling and discovering beautiful places, we have to start thinking and acting greener. We know this sounds a bit dramatic, but we face serious environmental challenges and climate change is already affecting some of the most amazing travel destinations. By changing some small things in your life you can easily reduce your impact on the environment. Think of saving energy by turning off lights when not in use, buying organic vegetables and fruits, riding your bicycle instead of driving your car or…..booking a green hotel!

A lot of people think that green hotels are more expensive or less comfortable. That’s not true! You can find green hotels in all price ranges all over the world that vary from basic to very luxurious. On BookDifferent we have thousands of eco certified hotels hotels to choose from. Being certified is an exstensive proces and not every accomodation has the means to get this certification. That is why we have added another indicator to define the impact of this hotel, the carbon footprint. This offers the opportunity to all non certified hotels to stand out in their efforts in saving our planet. If you choose a hotel with a green feet you can be sure this accommodation has a relatively small impact. Every time you book such a hotel you help to fight climate change.

You Book, We Share

BookDifferent a hotel bookings site with a mission: making the world a better place by ensuring that tourism is clean, green  and fair. Tourism has a positive effect on holiday destinations and its locals. It brings prosperity for the local community and it is safer in destinations because of the visiting tourists.

But tourism also has its downside. The money spend by tourists on vacation destinations only partially benefits the local community and its inhabitants. The arrival of tourists affects the local culture and traditions. The nature and animals are not always respected. There is no equilibrium between the benefits and burdens of tourism. We want to help to bring this balance. We are just as well part of the system and each hotel booked on BookDifferent has an influence on our planet.  Therefore, we share 10% of our gross turnover with organisations that help destinations and its stakeholder to benefit from the tourists visiting their destinations. We support projects of The Travel Foundation, The Global Forest Fund an the WWF. Together with you we work on achieving the Global Sustainable Goals from the UNTWO for a clean and fair world.

So why not book your hotel through BookDifferent? We really can’t think of any reason not to. But if you do happen to find a reason, please let us know!