Easily book a green hotel

If you are looking for a green hotel as well as an eco-friendly way to experience the world, you came to the right place. We are the first hotel booking site that shows which hotels are considered green. We use a combination of two different indicators, namely the carbon footprint of a hotel and whether or not a hotel is eco certified. We have added icons to these green accommodations, a green leaf for the eco cerfitied accomodations and a foot for the Carbon Footprint to help you to easily book green hotels all over the world. If you choose an accomodation with a green leaf and a green feet you help making this world a better place

Great that you are thinking about booking a green hotel! We have a lot of super hotels on offer in all price ranges, so you’ll definitely find a hotel that suits your needs. How can you find a green hotel? Read all about it on this page. It’s very easy!

How to find green hotels

When you are searching for a green hotel you can decide to look at the carbon footprint, eco-labels or both.

Carbon footprint per hotel

Carbon-footprint For every hotel on our booking site we have calculated the number of kilos of CO2 emission per night stayed. To tell you about the size of the carbon footprint per hotel we use a footprint icon containing this number of kilos of CO2 emission. This icon will be displayed amongst the details of the hotel on the search results page. Hotels with a green footprint have a low carbon footprint and are therefore a better choice than the hotels with a red one. If you want to know which hotel has the smallest carbon footprint at your destination you can sort the hotels by carbon footprint, just like you can sort by price and review score.

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Eco labeled hotelsYou can recognize hotels that are eco certified by the green icon with a white leaf. Just as the footprint, this icon will be displayed amongst the details of the hotel on the results page if the hotel has an eco-label. We also made the eco-label a search criterion, which can be selected just like the hotel facilities, the number of stars or review score.

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 See image below for an example of the eco-label and carbon footprint displayed amongst the information of the hotel on the search result page.

Search results

There is a possibility that you will find hotels that are eco-certified and have a high carbon footprint. This is possible, because eco labels examine more than just the carbon footprint. Think of water conservation, supporting local communities and the nature and quality of building materials. Hopefully the eco certified hotels with a high carbon footprint will be triggered to implement even more sustainable initiatives and reduce their carbon footprint.

By offering an easy way to choose a green hotel we hope to increase the number of eco-friendly travellers. Having more travellers that look for sustainable options will also work as an incentive for other hotels to go green too. This means we will be able to offer more and more green hotels in the future.