BookDifferent for companies

BookDifferent encourages companies to book green accommodation to lower their impact on the environment. We are the first hotel booking site that indicates which of our hotels are green. By giving this information during the booking process we are providing you an easy way to travel more sustainably. The more often companies choose a green hotel the more incentive there is for other hotels to go green and attract companies as a customer.

A lot of companies deal with some degree of corporate travel. Meetings in a different city that last multiple days, business conventions that are held abroad or a trip to discover potential new markets. These examples all include overnight stays, which means booking a hotel. By booking through BookDifferent as a company, you can show your social responsibility.

BookDifferent Corporate Travel Tool

Sustainability is here to stay in the mission and vision of organizations. More and more companies have set ambitious targets for integrating sustainability in all activities they undertake. With a 360 ° approach it is integrated into the service towards customers but also as part of the internal operation in the organisation. Another aspect is that organisations invest in raising awareness and facilitating sustainable action for employees to push forward sustainable behaviour. In addition to housing and mobility, travel serves as a segment in which improvements can be made. Through the smart use of our data available within the BookDifferent database we can facilitate this.

At present, we can provide information on the following indicators:

- Accommodations that are environmentally certified (third party Assessed only)

- CO2 emissions per hotel guest night.

By creating insight and transparency with help of these indicators organisations can actively act on which accommodations are booked and improve on the level of sustainability of travel.  We believe that a reduction in CO2 is feasible for example.  In addition, this is an opportunity to raise awareness among employees of the organization of the effects of travel and alternatives which are possible in this.

We offer different options to facilitate organisations to book green accomodations.

BtoB tool on BookDifferent website

By setting up a dedicated area on the book different website we offer companies the opportunity to book sustainable accommodations. We have added functions such as login per employee, capturing favourite destinations and booked hotels and a monthly overview of the booked accommodation. We can also provide a widget on the internal network of each organization with the same functionalities.


We can provide this data to organizations and agencies via an API. There are several ways to provide this information. This ranges from data of the entire database, only accommodation from certain geographical area, a number of chains or only the green accommodations. The frequency and format is to align on customer level.  It goes without saying that we need to fine-tune this in further talks.

Support the Sustainable Development Goals

2017 has been named the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development by the United Nations (UN). With these goals the UN wants to make the world a better place. These world goals, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), should ensure that by 2030 poverty, inequality, loss of biodiversity and climate change will end. We work together with The Travel Foundation, The Global Forest Fund and the WWF to support the sustainable development goals of the UNTWO. For every green hotel booking that you make through us we donate 10% of our turnover with our dedicated partners that help destinations and their stakeholders to harnass to power of tourism for good and contribute to these goals.

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