At BookDifferent we’re all crazy about travelling, meeting new people and discovering our beautiful planet. We want to make sure that the next generation can enjoy all these wonderful places as much as we do today. Therefore, we have added a Carbon footprint rating for each hotel on our website. The goal is to give consumers insight in the impact of their travel and give them a possibility to choose. Together with our partners we provide hoteliers a way to have their Carbon Footprint calculated and verified. The calculated and verified footprint will be uploaded automatically to



Con-Serve is a powerful new online platform for the hospitality industry, which allows users to quickly and accurately understand consumption of valuable resources and make improvements to save money and reduce environmental impacts.


It allows hotels to track, visualise and report on a range of indicators all in one place, greatly improving operational efficiency as well as reducing administrative burden. The platform can hook up to automatic smart meters if in use, or data can be entered manually, identifying areas for improvement, cost savings as well as benchmarking performance internally or externally.

Ultimately it enables hotels to report their CO2 per room night, through live data being fed into the system and therefore always offering clients accurate, up to date values.

Users of Con-Serve are now able to present this carbon footprint information with their hotel profile on, communicating their performance with the customer.

Click this link for direct access to the Con-Serve tool.

Con-Serve was developed by Considerate Hoteliers, a company with 20 years first-hand experience with the intricacies of integrating sustainability into hotel operations and is at the forefront of advising some of the world’s top hotels on these matters. Our mission is to promote sustainable business practices within the hotel sector, establishing CO2 reporting and resource monitoring as the norm.

For more information about Considerate Hoteliers and Con-Serve please contact:

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Chris Burges
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