Carbon emission figures for 591,000 hotels published - press release

AMSTERDAM, 19 February 2015 - From the 19th of February BookDifferent publicizes the carbon emission figures for more than 591,000 hotels. This is a world first. Not only is it the first OTA showing which accommodations are eco certified, this green and idealistic hotel booking site will now be adding a unique and innovative feature. The carbon footprint of each accommodation is shown by a footprint icon containing the number of kilos CO2 emission per night stayed. Hotels with a green footprint have a low carbon footprint and are therefore a better choice than the hotels with a red one.

Positive effect

"By showing the carbon footprint icons we give consumers a voice by enabling them to choose to stay in a hotel with a small carbon footprint. I expect that because of this more hotel owners will start actively improving their CO2 output by working on their CO2 management," said Lonneke de Kort, Director of Business Development and Sales of BookDifferent. She also foresees that the introduction of this carbon footprint feature will have a positive effect on further sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Easy and environmentally conscious

More and more consumers choose products that are good for them and their environment. The combination of BookDifferent’s carbon footprint ratings and the site’s listing of eco certified hotels is an important step forward. For the environmentally conscious consumer, BookDifferent remains the platform where you can easily book vacations and hotels with a minimal impact on the environment. Lonneke de Kort: "Travellers can now enjoy comfort and local food in a beautiful setting with respect for both people and nature. With a 100% best price guarantee BookDifferent proves that going green on your holiday doesn’t also involve having to pay more."


The carbon footprint is calculated by means of a mathematical formula. This was developed by the Breda University of Applied Sciences (NHTV) in cooperation with BookDifferent and the Dutch tourism sector as a part of the ‘Carbon management for tour operators’ (CARMATOP) project. Bookdifferent has deliberately chosen for cooperation with these specific partners. Not only in order to develop a reliable method of calculation, but also because working with non-commercial partners is fully in accordance with the nature of the organisation.

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For more information, contact Lonneke de Kort (lonneke[at]bookdifferent[dot].com)