Book hotels with best price guarantee

For all our bookings we use the reservation system from offers highly competitive prices and guarantees their customers the lowest possible price at the time of the booking. Because we use exactly the same prices and apply the same terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee, we can assure you that you pay the lowest price for your stay. In that way we are not ‘different’ from

If you have found a lower price for your reservation on another website, please contact our customer service department. We will adjust our price down if the following conditions are met:

  • You immediately contacted us, and passed all information about the other offer. In any event, we need the web link to the offer, and the exact amount.
  • The other offer is available online and is still available at the time we check it.
  • The other offer has the same booking conditions as with It is therefore:
  • Same accommodation
  • Same type of room, apartment etc.
  • Same check-in and check-out dates
  • Same room conditions (such as meals, cancellation policy, special arrangement, etc.)

The booking conditions with us are (still) free of charge or change. If we can not adjust our price due to one of these four conditions, you will retain your current reservation - including cancellation terms.

Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply if:

  • You book via a website where your accommodation (type) is not known until you have actually booked.
  • You make a reservation via, or in combination with:
  • Special membership prices
  • Special prices for regular visitors
  • Loyalty Points
  • Other types of reward programs or special offers available through the accommodation provider
  • You first checked in and afterwards only contact us.

Read more about the low-cost guarantee of

If you do find your accommodation at a lower rate on another website after you’ve booked through us, we will match the lower price. We can offer this because all our bookings run through the booking system of and their terms and conditions apply to BookDifferent too.

Feel free to have a look at these terms and conditions.