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It almost sounds to good to be true, we know! But it is possible on our hotel booking website. Can’t believe it? Read this page to figure out how it works.

Green hotels

We are the first hotel booking site that indicated which of our hotels are considered green. We use two different indicators, namely the carbon footprint and eco-certication.

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Green destinations

When you go travelling it is important to be informed about your travel destination and to be aware of the impact your presence has. We have found an easy understandable tool to show you if how green and clean your destinations is (the Green Destinations Rating GDR).

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Support charities

BookDifferent a hotel bookings site with a mission: making the world a better place by ensuring that tourism is clean, green  and fair. Tourism has a positive effect on holiday destinations and its locals. It brings prosperity for the local community and it is safer in destinations because of the visiting tourists.

But tourism also has its downside. The money spend by tourists on vacation destinations only partially benefits the local community and its inhabitants. The arrival of tourists affects the local culture and traditions. The nature and animals are not always respected.

There is no equilibrium between the benefits and burdens of tourism.

We want to help to bring this balance. We are just as well part of the system and each hotel booked on BookDifferent has an influence on this equilibrium.

Therefore, we share 10% of our gross turnover with our valued partner organizations.

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Best price guarantee

The processing of your hotel reservation takes place via, the largest and best value hotel booking site in the world. works with Best Price Guarantee and because we use exactly the same prices and terms & conditions, we can assure you that you pay the best price for your stay.

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If you still have questions about how it works, look at our FAQ page or contact us.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the hotels you have booked through us! Thank you!