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At BookDifferent we’re all crazy about travelling and discovering our beautiful planet. Because we like to keep it as beautiful we will do everything to preserve it. That's why we started hotel booking site BookDifferent. A ‘different’ hotel booking website where you can easily book green hotels and find green destinations. Our mission is to contribute to a better world through a clean, green and fair tourism sector. We are a social enterprise and stand for maximizing impact rather than profit maximization.

Each icon represents a way to make travel greener and fairer and gives meaning to our mission.


With 7000 eco-certified accomodations, we are the largest provider of hotels of which we can guarantee their level of sustainability. We work together the top 20 eco-certification organizations worldwide. Because of the third party assessment of each certified hotel which we can ensure their green en social credentials. Green Washing is almost not possible.

We have marked the eco cerftified hotels with a green leaf. Eco certified hotels are always on top of the search results when searching for an accommodation in a destination. A hotel with an ecolabel is always the best choice.

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CO2 icon green transparantBy adding the CO2 emissions as an indicator of sustainability we have the possibility to inform you about their impact on the environment of all accommodations we offer. The number of eco-certified hotels are still limited and the chances are high that you are in a city or village there is no hotel as such available. With the Carbon footprint we are able to scale up and help you make the best choice in destinations where a hotel with an ecolabel is not available.  If you book a hotel with with a green foot you are sure that your stay will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and this will help to combat climate change.

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droppedImage-small-111We want to harness the power of tourism for good. BookDifferent is part of the system as wel and each hotel is booked on BookDifferent has influence. Therefore, we share 10% of our revenues with our partner organizations that help these destinations with handling the flow of tourists, to ensure tourism positively contributes to the destination, nature, people and animals living there. These dedicated partners are the The Global Forest Fund, The Travel Foundation and the WWF.

We work with them on fixed projects so we can pinpoint the success and measure the impact. At the end of each year we will divide the amount to each organisations based on an equal amount.

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Mosbookdifferent bel solot of the questions we receive are about the pricing of green hotels, most people think green hotels are more expensive? BookDifferent offers a 100% best price guarantee at the time of booking. If you have found a lower price for your booking on another website, please contact our customer service department (contact form). (Updated best price clause in a separate tab).

BookDifferent is a social enterprise. We offer hotels worldwide in 207 countries. We believe in an economy in which social and sustainable entrepreneurship is leading. We therefore have set environmental and social goals. We measure our impact to make sure we reach our goals.

We are an affiliate of booking.com, we offer the same hotels at the exact same price but with a positive impact on the world.

If you have any questions about BookDifferent, look at our FAQ page or contact us. Comments and suggestions are also very welcome.

The BookDifferent Team