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Eco-Certification Malta

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) was formally established by the Malta Travel and Tourism service act (1999). The mission of the MTA is to promote the economic and social activities of tourism in the national interest by developing, together with stakeholders, a sustainable industry for current and future generations. Their vision is to achieve a healthy, sustainable and righteous tourism sector for the Maltese Islands, attracting a regular flow of quality visitors throughout the year, whilst ensuring that those who chooses Malta as their destination, are served with professionalism and care.

The main role of the Malta Tourism Authority is:

  • To promote and advance Malta as a tourism destination.
  • To advise Government on tourism operations and to issue licenses under the Act.
  • To contribute towards the improvement of the level of human resources in the tourism industry.
  • To advise government on the planning and development of the tourism industry as well as on the infrastructure supporting the industry.
  • To assist and advise on any tourism-related issues and to undertake activities, events and projects.

eco certification

The MTA’s voluntary national scheme was launched in 2002 with the intention of creating more awareness and promoting good environmental practice amongst hotel operators. Ten years later the scheme evolved from a purely environmental scheme to a sustainability one. The scheme is today made up of 89 criteria with 51 mandatory plus a minimum of 50% of the remaining 38 voluntary criteria. 

The label uses GSTC criteria, but since it’s also a national label, most additional criteria are designed to address issues specific to Malta. For example, since water in Malta is a scarce resource the scheme gives a lot of importance to try and mitigate this situation by for example establishing maximum flow rates for showers and sinks.  


best practice

A hotel with the MTA Eco-certification is committed to reduce their impact on the environment and work towards a more sustainable operation. This means that the hotels are not only actively lowering their energy and water consumption but also reducing and separating their waste. Hotels must also be committed to provide a more locally-relevant experiencewhich among others includeselements of local art, architecture and cultural heritage (including local dishes and locally-sourced food). 

At the Corinthia Palace Hotel (Attard) they are working on energy management to reduce their impact on the environment. To reduce their energy consumption, they installed a solar system to provide heated water from the sun and they installed motion sensors in public areas. On the matter of water management this hotel has installed water sensors to reduce water waste and showerheads with flow control to also save water. Would you like to know more about the Malta Tourism Authority please visit their website.

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of Malta Tourism Authority!

Malta Tourism Authority is compliant with following hearts of the staygreencheck:


effective sustainable management and compliance with law

culture friendly

respect for local traditions

nature & environment

taking care of mother earth

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