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Hoteles más Verdes

Hoteles más Verdes is a hotel sustainability program that develops effective management tools Argentina tourist accommodation. It’s validated by the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification (IRAM), which is the main body accredited for verifying compliance with the Certification Standard’s Green Hotels and is recognized and sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

eco certification

The Hoteles más Verdes certified hotels use a management system and are continues seeking improvement towards conservation and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage of the destination.

It is a voluntary standard based on principles of credibility, transparency and ongoing improvement, as well as in compliance with international regulations and applicable domestic laws, so that their criteria entail a step forward in the requirements set forth by legal and regulatory rules.

It includes criteria regarding both management processes and measurable performance indicators of the organization’s environmental, social, economic and cultural considerations.

best practice

The Posada Puerto Bemberg Lodge is one accommodation which is eco certified by Hoteles más Verdes. The lodge is set within 400 hectares of beautiful Atlantic rainforest just above the Parana River in Misiones, near Iguazu Falls. The Hotel was built from an old house owned by the traditional Bemberg Family, which has been completely renovated respecting the original architecture. The rooms are decorated in the original colonial style, with a combination of natural and locals materials! Would you like to know more about Hoteles más Verdes, please visit their website.

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of Hoteles más Verdes!


Hoteles más verdes  is accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Hoteles más Verdes is compliant with following hearts of the staygreencheck:


effective sustainable management and compliance with law

fair & local

fair and equal treatment for employees and destinations

culture friendly

respect for local traditions

nature & environment

taking care of mother earth

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