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3.6 How green, clean and responsible is Saint Martin? This rating indicates how much a destination has progressed towards sustainability, based on the scores of 4 themes: Nature, Culture, Green Economy and if there has been developed a policy to maintain the these sustainable efforts in the future, captured in the theme Future Proof. If the destination managed to have a satisfactory level of efforts on all themes, it has received a rating higher than 6 with a green indicator. These best practices are an examples for the destinations with a rating lower than 6. These destinations with an orange or red indicator have a low performance but are working to convert towards a satisfactory sustainability performance in the future.

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  • 4.1Nature

    In this destination you have access to naturem the environment is respected and it is clean and green

    • 8.1wildlife watching
    • 4.2scenery
    • 1.9nature
    • 4.0Water quality
    • 8.0Air quality
  • 4.0Culture

    In this destination the cultural elements like old artefacts, buildings or landscapes are taken care of and respected.

    • 1.8cultural heritage
    • 4.5local character
    • 8.1hospitality
    • 2.5human respect
  • 4.4Economy

    This destination provides means to organisations, inhabitants and visitors to create a green and clean environment (separate waste collection, green energy, climate adaptation)

    • 7.2tourisme sector
    • 1.1green economy
    • 5.0economy & society
  • 2.0Future proof

    This destination is doing its best to be a genuinely responsible, environmentally and economically healthy place now and in the future

    • 4.2green progress
    • 0.0destination certification