Werfenweng, the ideal mountain destination

Sparkling with snow in the winter, carpeted with wildflowers in the summer, Werfenweng is an ideal mountain destination for outdoorsy folk, particularly those with kids. Ten lifts service 25 kilometers of slope for skiers and snowboarders, while those with less of a need for speed can try out sleigh rides, snowshoeing and sledding. Warmer weather brings with it a host of activities from hiking to mountain climbing. At the end of the day, unwind with locally made schnapps and those inimitable Austrian mountain cheeses. Though cars aren’t banned, the town has a charming method to encourage so-called ‘soft mobility’: for a small fee, visitors hand over their car keys to gain free goodies from bike and snowshoe rental to tours and electric scooters.

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5.9 How green, clean and responsible is Werfenweng? This rating indicates how much a destination has progressed towards sustainability, based on the scores of 4 themes: Nature, Culture, Green Economy and if there has been developed a policy to maintain the these sustainable efforts in the future, captured in the theme Future Proof. If the destination managed to have a satisfactory level of efforts on all themes, it has received a rating higher than 6 with a green indicator. These best practices are an examples for the destinations with a rating lower than 6. These destinations with an orange or red indicator have a low performance but are working to convert towards a satisfactory sustainability performance in the future.

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  • 7.0Nature

    In this destination you have access to naturem the environment is respected and it is clean and green

    • 7.4wildlife watching
    • 7.9scenery
    • 8.0nature
    • 8.0Air quality
  • 6.3Culture

    In this destination the cultural elements like old artefacts, buildings or landscapes are taken care of and respected.

    • 1.0cultural heritage
    • 7.8local character
    • 8.5hospitality
    • 7.5human respect
  • 7.9Economy

    This destination provides means to organisations, inhabitants and visitors to create a green and clean environment (separate waste collection, green energy, climate adaptation)

    • 8.4tourisme sector
    • 8.2green economy
    • 7.2economy & society
  • 2.6Future proof

    This destination is doing its best to be a genuinely responsible, environmentally and economically healthy place now and in the future

    • 5.6green progress
    • 0.0destination certification
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