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Green Tourism

Green Tourism is a not-for-profit organization established in 1997. Their mission is to encourage and enable people to make sustainable choices that reduce their impact on the planet. They aim to be the most trusted international eco-tourism brand for consumers and businesses alike – the natural leader in green grading.

eco certification

The accommodations get a assessment against a range of criteria relevant to their business type every two-three years.


best practice

Waterton Park Hotel in the United Kingdom is an accommodation eco certified by Green Tourism. The team of the hotel is always seeking for new ways to improve the hotel’s efficiency and green credentials, not only to reduce ongoing running costs but also to lower their carbon footprint. They have installed a renewable energy heating system to use the latent heat within the lake to produce hot water and heating. This was first used to heat the swimming pool and after that the showers in the hotel. Waterton Park Hotel installed a few other renewable energy systems and at this point they no longer have to rely on deliveries of costly heating oil! Would you like to know more about Green Tourism, please visit their website

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of Green Tourism!


Green Tourism is compliant with following hearts of the staygreencheck:


effective sustainable management and compliance with law

culture friendly

respect for local traditions

nature & environment

taking care of mother earth

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