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GreenSign is a certificate specially built for the hotel industry and developed by the institute InfraCert. It combines the three pillars ecological, economic and social responsibility, guaranteeing sustainable hotel management.


eco certification

To guarantee the maximum amount of transparency, the certified hotels are, according to their degree of sustainability, ranked in 5 different levels, with level 5 being the highest. Each certification shows the degree of the hotel’s sustainability in the 7 following categories: management and communication, environment (energy, water and waste), purchase, regionalism, quality management and sustainable development, social and economic responsibility.


best practice

Hotel Landhous Geliti is an accommodation certified by GreenSign. The hotel has invested in their own combined heat and power plant, which they use to heat your water and to use in the hotel. They prefer local products and make sure they have good value for money towards their suppliers and guests. They have ecological standards and are always observing them and if needed adapt them to the changing circumstances. Would you like to know more about GreenSign, please visit their website

You can recognize eco-certified hotels by the logo of GreenSign!



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