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green indicators

This is how determines whether a hotel is sustainable or not: using our green indicators!

At we know that it is hard for you as a traveler to realize which hotels are sustainable or not. That is why we developed our green indicators to make it as easy as possible for you to tell which hotels implement responsible practices.


We work together with the most eligible ecolabels – organizations that certify sustainable and environmentally-friendly accommodations. The labels we team up with, have to comply with our 3 criteria: standard publicly available, third-party audit, and onsite assessment. This way we can combat greenwashing, a huge issue in the sustainable tourism industry and provide our customers with a trustworthy source of sustainable hotels.


Every hotel that is certified by one of the ecolabels we work with receives the staygreencheck. Thanks to the staygreencheck, you know whether it’s good. We know that looking for sustainable accommodations can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Given the choice of a more green or less green place to stay, who wouldn’t want to book the option that is better for our planet? But we know it’s not always that straight forward, so we’ve come up with a solution to make booking green hotels easy: the staygreencheck.


carbon footprint

There are many hotels that don’t see the value in being certified yet which is why we have developed the carbon footprint so you as a traveler can still get an idea whether a hotel is sustainable or not. The global tourism sector produces about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This includes the entire supply chain of tourism: transportation, accommodation, food and beverages, souvenirs, clothing, cosmetics, and other goods.  With the fast-growing travel sector, we need to bring the emissions down to a much lower level. Each time you book an accommodation with a low footprint at, you help to fight climate change.

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